Talking Points: Have You Read Your Employment Offer?

You've been through the entire interview with ABC company. The hiring manager, sitting across from you, utters these words: Do you have any additional questions? You've exhausted virtually every conceivable question to ask. You respond, "No, I'm fine at this point." The interview ends. 

Since the end of the interview, you've spent an enormous sum of time waiting for a response. You've regularly followed up with the team at ABC company to let them know you're ready to do everything necessary to expedite the process. Then, in the midst of your agony - the anxiety of waiting for a job offer or rejection - you get the good news you've been waiting for. Company ABC has offered you a full time, permanent role within their organization. It's a sweet deal. You relish this opportunity - and you are instinctively ready to accept this offer. Realistically, you've been prudent in your deliberation to join ABC company and you've deduced that the company culture is rock solid, the people are amazing, the work seems interesting, and your manager is going to help you grow in your career.

Having said all of that, might I suggest you take a quick moment to review the offer before accepting it so quickly? It may sound like a dimwitted maneuver, especially since you've been anxious to receive this offer for quite some time and have already convinced yourself you want to join ABC company. But the truth is, at this point ABC company is ready to onboard you - now it's more about how prepared you are to review the terms of their proposed contract and negotiate better terms in good faith to both yourself and ABC Company. Here are some points you ought to consider prior to accepting this new employment offer:

  1. Is there anything about the offer you do not understand? I'm almost certain that there are terms within the contract that need to be better elucidated before your signature meets the dotted line. Go ahead and ask for clarity on items within the contract - do your due diligence!
  2. How appropriate is the timing of your new job? While it is my hope that you've done your due diligence to decide whether taking this new job is the right career decision for you and your family, not everyone is this prudent. Ask yourself, "Am I prepared to leave behind my past employer and will I be preparing myself for greater success by joining ABC company?" It isn't always going to leave a positive taste in the mouths of those at YOUR particular ABC company, but it's a practice that can prepare you for long term success by ensuring you do not make a mistake in your deliberations.
  3. How prepared are you for the commute to the new job, and does it interrupt the flow of your immediate family's life? Again, your prudence and due diligence should have already nipped this in the bud; however, this may be the first time you've actually considered this facet of joining ABC company. If you choose to accept this job, then you cannot make yourself an exception to the traditions of the company. In other words, you'll need to find a way to come in on time, every day, regardless how far you have to travel. Be sure this is realistic for you.
  4. Is there a real roadmap to your own personal success at ABC company? This is rather self-explanatory, but equally important for you to deduce. Are you looking for a job, or a career? If you've answered 'career', then you must ask whether joining ABC company will benefit your overall career trajectory.
  5. Are you satisfied with the offer? Would you like to add additional details to the offer, or amend details already made in the offer? If you are not entirely satisfied with the offer, then surely now is the time to address these concerns. Be sure to have your voice heard and negotiate in good faith a contract that satisfies both yourself and the interests of ABC Company. You won't necessarily get everything you're asking for - but you will allow yourself the chance to add details to the agreement. For you to not take advantage of the chance to negotiate further terms could lead to missed opportunities for yourself and for ABC company.

The wonderful thing about working with competent recruitment consultants is that many of these potential hurdles would have already been skillfully tackled between yourself and your consultant. My client-candidates for hire always know that by working with me, mostly every pertinent detail to an offer of employment would have previously been negotiated. The simple reason this is so is because I make an effort to get direction from you as to how we construct a final employment contract on your behalf. Feel free to reach out to me today to learn more about how I can help you navigate these murky waters.